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Application Packaging Services feature streamlined packages to provide quick and easy installation of applications without assistance from a user or IT Staff.

Deploying Software applications can be a time-consuming task with varied requirements for departments and users. The evolution of business critical software initiates a continuous requirement to install, modify and upgrade applications through the organization.

TDS Application Packaging Services help clients implement automatic Application Deployment & Distribution with assurances that applications will not conflict with existing installed software. Our Application Packaging Services include:

Application Discovery:

TDS performs Software discovery that determines versions and quantities of software installed on all systems within the network. This step also gathers information on every application that needs to be packaged and deployed, including source files, install procedures, configuration specifics, test scripts, and technical dependencies such as license keys and registration information. The data is consolidated to provide a comprehensive inventory report of all applications.

Application Packaging:

Combining process, automated tools and workflow, people, tools and technology, TDS can provide a pay-as-you-go Application Packaging, remediation and software virtualization service that prepares applications for deployment in accordance with agreed application packaging standards.

Application Compatibility:

TDS Application Compatibility service provides a rapid and accurate way to understand potential application compatibility issues and provide remediation steps. All applications executed in our packaging factory undergo rigorous quality assurance and verification prior to User Acceptance Testing.