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Today’s fast-paced world requires high quality products and web-based applications brought to market at the same fast pace. Our application testing gives you the opportunity to increase the quality of your applications while reducing costs, saving development time, maximizing your ROI from Quality Assurance and Testing. We combine deep industry-specific expertise with industry-recognized testing frameworks and methodologies.

TDS offers Testing services across Desktop, Web and Mobile Applications. TDS can assist with selecting and acquiring a testing tool, defining performance targets and metrics, test design, test development, test execution, and identifying and removing performance bottlenecks. We offer manual and automated Web site testing, including:

Compatibility testing:

Testing to ensure compatibility of an application or Web site with different browsers, Operating Systems, and hardware platforms.

Functional testing:

Validating an application or Web site conforms to its specifications and correctly performs all its required functions.

Regression testing:

Consistent, repeatable validation of an application or Web site.

Performance testing:

Testing to understand an application or web site’s scalability and to benchmark the performance.

Stress testing:

Scalability and performance of your application or website.

Unit testing:

Functional and reliability testing for the behavior of components of an application or website.

Conformance testing:

Verifying implementation conformance to industry standards.