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Benefits administration is one of the most common elements of an HRIS solution.

TDS can help clients with our HR and benefits professionals taking the complex, time-consuming process of benefits enrollment and administration and automate those processes. TDS works with several carriers that allows Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between client systems and benefit providers. These carrier interchange helps client reduce human errors and brings value to the organization.

TDS helps to generate reports related to benefits management that can assist with informed decision making and ease compliance worries.

By automating benefits administration using TDS, your company may save time while reducing the number of errors. HR professionals, employees, and the organization as a whole can get significant benefits from this shift.

Our Services include:

  • Employee On-Boarding

  • Health Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • 401K & IRA Retirement Plans

  • Disability Insurance

  • Workers Compensation Insurance

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